Bigger Bigwig 2" Martingale

Jax  - Light

This fabric finish has been on Fat Paws for year, but only in the 1.5 inch deep version. Why should the bigger dogs miss out?


Surely all dogs will love this collar with rabbits playing on a burnt orange background?


Named Bigwig after one of the characters in Watership Down. Have to confess we've never managed to watch it all the way through: just the thought of "Bright Eyes" and we're fumbling for the tissues.

Materials and sizes available:

Martingale (reduced loop) collar:


Cotton fabric (main colour: burnt orange) stitched around tough webbing interior and lined with chocolate brown coloured satin. The 25mm (1") deep control loop is made from tough, high quality chocolate brown webbing and finished with matching velvet trim.


Nickel-plated metalware and the D-ring is welded.

 Size available: Medium (30cm/12" to 40cm/16") Best fit (What's this?) 9" to 13"

Bigger Bigwig Martingale Collar

Size: Standard (see above)

Width: 50mm (2")

Price: £14.00