Tag Collars

Suitable for the majority of breeds and incredibly easy to fit. These single-loop design house collars are slipped over your dog's head and adjusted to fit using the slider.


These should only be used as house collars for holding your dog's ID tag if your furry friend is anything sighthound-related (i.e whippets, lurchers, salukis, greyhounds etc). Not only do these long-necked, long-legged beauties have delicate necks: usually their necks are wider than their heads and they could slip or back out of these collars if used as a walking collar.

For all other breeds especially the smaller dogs or hounds that don't pull on the lead: they are suitable as an out-and-about collar. We'd always recommend that your dog's collar is as deep as possible, but fully appreciate your dog may not agree with you and not all are poseurs like the sighthounds.


These collars are designed to be worn all day, every day and are made using high quality webbing and trims including printed grosgrain and woven jacquard . All the metalware is nickel-plated, rust-resistant and all D-Rings are welded.

What we have done is group our tag/ house collars by the colour of webbing used and just click any of the pictures or text below to access your favourite colour (s)