Which collar?

Here at Fat Paws we have sighthounds and they are quite unique by having a neck that is usually wider than their head. That's why a sighthound should not be walked on a tag/house collar and needs a properly fitted martingale or a leather fishtail collar when they're out-and-about.


For non-sighthounds all of our tag collars are more than strong enough to be worn when being walked, BUT we'd always recommend getting a collar as deep as possible for your dog's comfort. We call them tag or house collars, because that's ultimately what they're designed to do - be worn permanently with your dog's tags on and in the house.

Greyhounds are real show-offs with their long graceful necks and they have ample room to slip a martingale on when you're off on your walk and the tag collar stays on too. Some just wear their martingale collar permanently and that doubles up as their tag collar with their identification discs attached. The "full martingales" are great if you prefer the one-collar option.

If you have any queries at all about what is the best collar type for your dog please don't hesitate to contact us.

Collar types:

Tag/ house Collars:


A single-loop design that is slipped over your dog's head and adjusted to the right size.


Suitable for all dogs, but for sighthounds and breeds with long, delicate necks these should not be used as a walking-out collar and only as a tag/house collar.


Make sure the label inside is against your hound's fur.

Full Martingale Collars:


An adjustable collar with a control loop of the same depth/width (finished with same trim) that gently tightens if your dog pulls on lead.


Martingales are particularly good for dogs that pull and/or try to back out of their collar (the tightening action prevents this) and many dog trainers recommend them.


Fitting instructions here.

Martingale (Reduced loop) Collars:


An adjustable collar with a control loop that is narrower (usually 1 inch) than the rest of collar.


Again these martingales are designed to gently tighten if your dog pulls or gets spooked and tries to back away from something.


Fitting instructions here.