Martingale Collars

The martingale collar is also referred to as the greyhound or sighthound collar. They are designed to provide gentle, but effective control without a choking effect.


The basic construction of a dog's martingale consists of two loops which draw together under your hound's chin if he or she pulls on their lead. Fitted properly a martingale should prevent your dog slipping out of their collar if they try to back out of it. 


The diagram below shows basically how a martingale works: full fitting instructions and more details about the two martingale types (full and reduced loop) can be found on the "Which Collar?" page.

Advantages of a martingale collar:

A much gentler form of correction vs a traditional choke collar. Many dog trainers recommend the use of martingale collars for all breeds.

If your dog does pull the pressure is more evenly distributed around the neck as opposed to just pressure against the dog's trachea.

If fitted properly a martingale prevents a dog slipping out of their collar, when scared or excited and pulling in any direction, by the entire collar contracting.

When stationary or walking without pulling: the looser fit of a martingale means less fur breakage or tangling and the potential of less skin irritation.

Enough chit-chat from us. Please enjoy having a good rummage through our martingale stock and any questions at all we're here to help: