About us

The Fat Paws Team may be relatively new to the 'collar and lead' market online and would be the first to admit that we're still learning along the way. Saying that: we're committed and very eager to get things right and customer service is our priority.


Even though we're new we know our hounds and know exactly what we need a collar to do. Personally we think every collar should:

be well constructed and made with care using high quality materials

be safe

be comfortable for your dog to wear

be robust and as hard wearing as possible

be the right size, depth and fit for the particular breed of dog

suit the dog - not only their colouring and markings, but their personalities too

Add be funky, fun, pretty, beautiful, subtle, colourful, quirky, unique, lined, unlined to the list - we're trying very hard to cover all bases!

Meet the current Fat Paws Team . . .

The humans are just here to pander to the dogs' every want and whim so meet the important members -  our retired greyhounds . . .

Name: Sam AKA Sammy McPooPants



Age:  10 (May 2023)




Team role: Events organiser and Party Planner  


Name: Amy AKA Miss Amy Pants



Age:  11 (May 2023)




Team role: being" Top Bird"  


We will never forget . . .

Name: Swift AKA Swifty



Rainbow Bridge 




Team role: Wildlife Welfare Officer  


Name: Paddy AKA Paddy Blue



Rainbow Bridge



Team role: worrying a lot

Name: Lily AKA Lilyspotamus



September 2004 - October 2016



Team role: the sassy, rude and grumpy one! 

Name: Boss AKA Mr McDoodles



June 2004 - April 2017



Team role: office junior and bin inspector 

Name: Ziggy AKA Miss Ziggypants



October 2003 - July 2015



Team role: Diva and Mistress of the Bling 

Name: Lulu AKA Lulu Belle



March 2006 - December 2018



Team role: gardener and squirrel control 

Name: Eris AKA Miss Erris, Mrs FurtlePants



November 2006 - March 2018




Team role: Sleep Consultant, breaking hearts 

Name: Lady Eka AKA "The Baggage"



Rainbow Bridge: 2017



Team role: being beautiful and staff discipline