Princess Ziggy

Ziggy passed away in 2015. She left a huge hole considering she was such a petite girl. Later that year Amy decided Barbara had way too much room on the settee and moved in. 


We all have so many wonderful memories of Ziggy. I even manage to raise a smile at the incident at Croft Castle these days Princess Ziggy. 

Meet Ziggy AKA Miss Ziggy Pants


Look in a picture dictionary and look-up the phrase "camera-shy" : there will be a photo (of sorts) of Miss Ziggy. This diva loathed having her photo taken and refused to look at the lens. Possibly we needed to be paying her more or she would prefered the paparazzi approach? 

Ziggy looked great in pinks and purples and anything with an animal print on - someone referred to her as the Bet Lynch of the greyhound world.



Ziggy was adopted from the Sheffield RGT when she retired and was a beautiful, petite, super-shiney pretty girl who had perfected the "butter wouldn't melt in my mouth look". People flocked to fuss and pet her and if you were lucky enough she actually let you!