1.5 inch wide Martingale Collars

Fat Paws collars come in a variety of finishes and we've listed the martingales under the following catergories:

  • Fabric
  • Grosgrain
  • Jacquard


These martingale collars are finished with a fabric finish including materials such as 100% cottons, cotton blends and soft flannels.


The Fat Paws team source high quality fabrics and all are prewashed and laundered to check for colour fastness and durability.


Cotton fabrics will fade a little with time and with everyday wear, but are easy to maintain and all can be machine washed unless stated otherwise.


Here at Fat Paws HQ we love grosgrain.


It comes in a rainbow of colours, but printed or patterned grosgrain appears to be only widely available up to a depth of 38mm (1.5 inches). That means the 2 inch martingales are usually made with the main body of the collar in one colour with a cordinating or contrast satin lining and a printed grosgrain or velvet trim is applied to the contol loop.


If you think about it when you're out-and-about with your furry friend on a lead the control loop is what you mainly see . . .


The selection here are martingales finished with jacquard, brocade and embroidered trims.


We think they're stunning, but will apologise in advance - on every listing we add the warning about these trims not being suitable for dogs that like to have a good scratch or are forever peering into prickly bushes. Claws and thorny bits are not a friend to these trims and the delicate threads may pull.