Care guidelines, measurements and fabrics used:

Care guidelines:

We check every single item over meticulously and would never post an item out if we weren't happy with the finish.


Fat Paws encourage you to regularly check your dog's collar and leads for signs of wear and tear from everyday use.


Cosmetic wear and tear, for example pulled threads on a trim or a bit of colour fade, are not an issue when it comes to the performance and safety of the collar and/ or lead, but please do check for any signs of damage. Dogs are not all little furry angels and we can name a few greyhounds (Prue)  who liked to have a good old nibble at other dogs' leads.

So far the collars and leads we have made can all be machine washed at 30 degrees using a mild detergent.


We'd highly recommend using a wash bag (or even a knotted pillow case) to put them inside to protect your machine drum from the metalware.


Sorry if we're stating the obvious, but please do remove any tags, tassels or charms before washing your collars.


We measure everything throughout the entire collar making process, but please bear in mind that everything is handmade and there can be slight (very slight)  variations in measurements occasionally.

Fabrics used:


Here at Fat paws we're very partial to using grosgrain trim.


"Why? " we hear you shouting . . .


Grosgrain has a matt appearance with little touch of lustre. It is very strong and is a firm, close-woven, fine-corded fabric and has a ribbed appearance.  Grosgrain is also easy to maintain  -  dirt and mud can be brushed or sponged off easily.


We try our best to source high quality cotton fabrics and will test them to see if the colours run when the fabric is wet.



Cotton fabrics will fade over time and the prints and colours will appear more muted than the day they were purchased

Jacquard and embroidered trims:

We use jacquard and embroidered trims .


A jacquard is a fabric with an intricately woven pattern.


Due to the delicate nature of these trims we always advise that dogs who are persistent scratchers or love lots of rough and tumble when out playing avoid collars with a jacquard or embroidered finish.

Polypropylene webbing:

The core of all our martingale collars, leads and used too for all our tag collars.


We always ensure that all webbing is heat sealed to prevent fraying.


This stuff is Tough with a capital T. Used for many things as well as collars (think lorries and haulage) and we find the smooth finish doesn't rub or chafe against most dog's necks.


Our chosen material to line our collars with.


Smooth and silky to the touch and all our collars can be lined if requested to.


We use the more hardwearing satins that are used for sashes, banners etc and only use them as a lining as they can pull if snagged. We always make sure our nails (and claws) are kept nice and smooth when handling the satins.