Heffalump Collars


Rather cute (and very cheerful) elephants march happily all around these lovely collars.


We have to apologise to you about the photography on this one: the background is actually dark navy, but at first glance it may appear black.

Materials and sizes available:

Martingale (reduced loop) collars:


Tough webbing finished with printed 100% cotton and lined with navy satin. The 25mm (1") deep control loop is made from high quality navy webbing.

1" Deep Martingale
1" Deep Martingale
1.5" Deep Martingale
1.5" Deep Martingale

Sizes available: 


1" (25mm) Martingale:


 - Small (25cm/10" to 35cm/14") Best Fit (What's this?) 7" to 11"


1.5" (38mm) Martingale:


 - Medium (30cm/12" to 40cm/16") Best fit (What's this?) 9" to 13"


Heffalump Martingale Collar

Best Fit: Small (see above)

Width: 25mm (1")

Price: £11.00

Heffalump Blues Martingale Collar

Best Fit: Medium (see above)

Width: 38mm (1.5")

Price: £12.50