Perooz 1.5" Martingale

We haven't gone totally mad (debatable?) and this collar isn't contagious . . .

The Fat Paws Team made this martingale using a beautiful turquoise silk brocade. We think the collar looks stunning, but there's a question mark about how well the brocade will wear. The threads seem to pull very easily and Boss has been asked to wear the prototype for a few weeks to see how it stands up to everyday hound life.

Will report back very soon with Inspector Boss' findings.


Update 13.07.14:


This collar hasn't passed the test we're afraid. Boss' was pulling too much for our liking and he isn't a scratchy dog or jumping in and out of prickly gorse bushes.


What has also come to light is that the colour on this collar runs and a rather handsome saluki cross called Opie (another canine inspector) was caught in a downpour and the colour ran. For 24 hours he was officially a "Smurf" dog.


Perooz is no more we're afraid and the reason we're sharing this is that we would like to reassure everyone that we're commited to quality control at Fat Paws and one smurf saluki is one too many - sorry Opie x

Materials and sizes available:

Martingale (reduced loop) collar:


Turquoise silk brocade with gold, teal and chocolate detailing. This collar is lined with turquoise satin. The 25mm (1") deep control loop is made from tough, high quality royal blue webbing.


Nickel-plated metalware and the D-ring is welded.


Note: due to the quite delicate threads of jacquard trims this collar is not recommended for dogs who are committed scratchers.

Size available: Medium (30cm/12" to 40cm/16") Best fit (What's this?) 9" to 13"

Perooz Martingale Collar

Best Fit: Medium (see above)

Width: 38mm (1.5")

Price: Not for sale