Bossy McDoodles

Boss didn't stick around for long after Lily went. He politely tolerated Sam's youthful exuberance  - as always the perfect gentleman. 


I still 'fill-up' when I think or talk about Boss and Lily. Yes, because I'm a sentimental old fool, but also because I'm always overwhelmed that we were so lucky and privileged to have had such wonderful hounds. 

Meet Boss AKA Mr McDoodles


Boss was our second greyhound adopted in 2008 from the Sheffield RGT.


Boss had had quite a few homes before coming to us: he just couldn't settle and kept being taken back to kennels. We had the solution on our settee: Lily! Boss adored Lily and was totally clueless until Lily showed him what to do. Have to say that Lily treated Boss with contempt and spent most of her time ignoring him, but the big, daft lump still loved her to pieces.

As you've probably gathered: Boss wasn't the brightest of dogs. What he lacked in the brain department though; he more than made up for with his sweet good nature and his clowning around. Boss hadn't really grown-up and our special boy loved his toys and playing.


Being blunt somewhere there was a village missing their idiot and we've adopted him instead - not that we complained.