One-of-a-kind Paddy

Meet Paddy AKA Paddy Blue


Paddy was adopted in to Howard, Jo and Lulu's family in 2012 from Erin Hounds Sighthound Rescue.


This big, beautiful blue brindle lad had a rough start to life and was a bag-of-bones when he was rescued in Ireland. Paddy (originally called Keelin) was one of our first foster dogs: we fell in love the moment we met him and were so happy when Jo and Howard decided the best place for young Paddy was as a permanent fixture on their settee (bed, kitchen, in front of the wood burner, in the summerhouse  . . . )


Paddy is one of 'life's worriers' and Howard, Jo and Lulu have had to put a lot of time, effort and love in to get him settled.  He has an incredibly sweet nature and is a big bundle of clumsy fun given half a chance. Jo may disagree with that last statement when she's pushed out of bed in the wee small hours by 35kg plus of greyhound grinning at her!