Meet Swift AKA Swifty



Swift is hunk of the Fat Paws team aged 9 years old. Another retired greyhound from Sheffield RGT and, we're sure you'll agree, rather stunning to look at. White with brindle patches and lots and lots of dapples (don't ask about the dapples).

This man mountain of a dog is a sweet-natured boy with a real enthusiasm for life and loves to be out and exploring everything. When we say everything we mean everything: if he's not looking around with awe, he's snuffling along exploring here, there and everywhere.


Swift holds the record for the "most expressive ears" and can waggle them independently  - we have to assure you that he does have two ears and he was just determined to show us up when we took this photo of him.  


Swift has a liking for collars featuring creatures and animals. Actually we think Swift's favourite collar would have pork pies on it (or with it) . . .