This photo (right) was taken of Lily the week before we lost her. She was on holiday, with us, in the garden of a cottage in Somerset. 


We'd had a wonderful week full of days-out, gentle rambles, lots of good food and lots and lots of sleeping (Lilyspotamus personally tested all 3 beds in the cottage) and snoozing. Lily loved a snooze in the sunshine having dreams of chasing the local cat! Sleep tight big girl.

Photo: Stephen Hollin

Meet Lily AKA Lilyspotamus.


Lily is a retired greyhound:  we adopted her from the Sheffield Branch of the RGT in 2007 and she is our first greyhound.


Lily is grumpy, difficult, stubborn, wily, sly and we couldn't love her more if we tried. She's also patient, gentle, very, very funny, placid (most of the time) and is a great ambassador for what wonderful pets sighthounds make.

Photo: Simon Meakes

For the past couple of years Lily has been a foster sister to more than half a dozen Erin Hounds Sighthound Rescue sighthounds and has helped them adapt to life in a home and on to their new lives with a loving family. Lily is taking a bit of a break from running a "Sighthound Finishing School" as she had a problem with her auto-immune system (a condition known as S.L.O) last year and had to have every single claw removed. She's almost back to her old self, but she used to love the occasional naughty dig in the garden and can't quite work out why her holes aren't up the scratch these days. 

Lily isn't a "girly girl": being mischievous and tom-boy-ish is her 'thing' and traditional designs and block colours (especially citrus shades like lime green or orange) suit her best. Being white and black with lots  and lots of dapples black, grey and white combinations look stunning on Lily . . .