Lindisfarne 2 inch Martingale

50mm Martingale

A Celtic Knot design picked out in vibrant green against a black background


Some view the Celtic knot as the spiritual representation of an uninterrupted life cycle due to the knot's endless nature. We're not sure what we believe, but we think anyone buying a collar adorned with these mystic knots has very good taste.

Materials and sizes available:

Martingale (reduced loop) collar:


Jacquard embroidered trim with vibrant green threading on a black background and lined with green satin lining. The 25mm (1") deep control loop is made from tough, high quality black webbing.


Nickel-plated metalware and the D-ring is welded.


Note: due to the quite delicate threads of jacquard trims this collar is not recommended for dogs who are committed scratchers.

Size available: Standard (36cm/14" to 51cm/20") Best fit (What's this?) 11" to 17"

Lindisfarne Martingale Collar

Best Fit: Standard (see above)

Width: 50mm (2")

Price: £14.00