Pigwidgeon 2 inch Martingale

50mm Martingale

Pigwidgeon was Ron Weasley's owl in the Harry Potter books. Not to be confused with Errol - the Weasley's old owl and "Pig" replaced Scabbers the rat.


Too much Harry Potter information?


Ok - "Pig" is a scops owl and we've decided the rather cute owls on this collar are scops owls too. 

Materials and sizes available:

Martingale (reduced loop) collar:


A multicoloured 100% cotton fabric stitched on to tough webbing with ruby red satin lining. The 25mm (1") deep control loop is made from tough, high quality red webbing.


Nickel-plated metalware and the D-ring is welded.

Size available: Standard (36cm/14" to 51cm/20") Best fit (What's this?) 11" to 17"

Pigwidgeon Martingale Collar

Best Fit: Standard (see above)

Width: 50mm (2")

Price: £14.00