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Below is the gorgeous Dora. Doesn't her glossy black fur look stunning against her "Ziggy Zebra" collar? Thank you  Dora and Alyson for sharing and sure Seth would like to thank Dora too for sharing her treats.

Sky looking rather stylish and beautiful in her new "Bones and Roses" 1.5" martingale. Miss Sky would like everyone to know that her newfound fame on Fat Paws won't change her a bit, but all new modelling assignments should be booked through her agent - Sarah (thank you)

Ssssshhhh don't wake Daisy Duke please. Daisy was so overwhelmed by her "Miss Daisy Pink" collar that she had to grab 40 winks. Asleep or awake Daisy Duke: you are a very pretty young lady - thank you for sharing your loveliness  

This incredibly handsome young man is called Zeus and has just been very recently adopted  - looks like you've landed on your paws there Zeus. Thank you Karla for these photos of your gorgeous boy. 

Introducing Buddy AKA Mr Greedy Chops.

How innocent and beguiling does Buddy look? We think he looks perfectly angelic but we've heard through the grapevine that our Buddy has a very cheeky side. Buddy - when you're as gorgeous as you are you can be as cheeky as you like!

Super-sleek, super-shiny and super-gorgeous Poppy in her Vintage Rose set. Thank you again Nikki for sharing and if we ever run a 'caption contest' the one with Queen Poppy sitting on the beach has to be first choice!

Beautiful Poppy in her new FP set complete with brass finish metal ware. Hope your leg gets better soon Poppy and thank you to you and your Mum for letting us share your lovely photo.

It's Pac Boss time!

Meet handsome Henry (left) and charming Chico (right) sporting their new collars from the Pac Boss range. Being typical greyhounds they refused to budge to have their new collars put on, but when you're both that gorgeous why waste precious energy moving? Thank you Wendy for the lovely photos of your stunning boys.

Wow! How handsome is Jeff below! Jeff is Milly's new brofur and it looks like this young man is living the high life now. Thank you to Sue (Milly's and Jeffy's Mum) for such stunning photos.

This is beautiful Kirsty (full name: Kirsty-Millicent) in her "Bones and Roses" full 2 inch deep martingale collar. Thank you Sarah for sharing and hope you all had a lovely holiday - it looks like you did!

Meet gorgeous Milly wearing her "Kennard" collar - we bet that this 'sugar-sprinkled-pointy-faced' lady was the best looking girl on the beach that day.
P.S Thank you to Sue (Milly's Mum) for such a lovely description of Milly

Meet beautiful Poppy in her "Poppy" collar set. Her Mum asked for a matching tag collar and we were happy to oblige. We love it, not 100% sure what Poppy thinks (check that tongue out . . .)  Thank you Nikki for sharing.

Meet lovely Layla in her Flora collar

"I know - I am beautiful"

"Phew  - holidays are exhausting!"

WWO Swift and his new friend: Sky

"Chips! Thanks Mum and Aunty Barbara!"

Honey the  beautiful Goldendoodle

Honey's new Bigwig Martingale

"How super gorgeous am ! ? !"

Swift rocking the camouflage and Christmas collar look!

"Erm excuse me, but where exactly is my slice of cake?"

Merry Christmas everyone (with treats for me) Love Swifty!

Introducing the rather gorgeous Murphy

A bit of activity and playtime before . . .

. . . chips for tea! Thanks Mum!

"Come on everyone - concentrate please!"

Staff Meeting 05.08.2014

Agenda agreed and the meeting begins . . .

The beautiful Eka in Black Poppy

Looking good Lady E !!!

Autographs later by arrangement please

How gorgeous am I?

Meet Vince now living in Gibraltar

Is this my best angle?  

Opie and Jax AKA the Twins of Anarchy

Amira - awake at last and looking rather gorgeous

Opie and Jax rocking it in their bespoke collar sets

Delightful Miss Daisy


Double Trouble: Willow and Tia!

The beautiful Amira


Swift and Winston the walrus

Erm, we can still see you Swift . . .

W.W.O Swifty reporting for duty!

Swift on his jollies



"Ziggy 10 Holidays"

The official bed testers: Ziggy, Lily and Boss

Ziggy with her trunks packed

This supermodel malarky is exhausting