Tiptoe Collars


 . . . through the tulips (sorry about the awful singing there).


Tulips galore on this bright and cheerful collar. You can almost imagine yourself in the flower fields in Holland there are so many. We're not even going to make any corny references to anything tulip related - we're on our best behaviour today!


TheTiptoe range will include tag collars and coordinating martingale collars in two depths: 1.5 inches and 2 inches.

Materials and sizes available:

Tag collar:


Single loop design house/ tag collar made with tough grosgrain trim securely stitched on to bright red high quality polypropylene webbing.


Size available: Standard (28cm/11"  to 47cm/18.5")


Tiptoe House/ tag Collar


Width: 25mm (1 inch)


Price: £7.00