Twit Twoo Collars

Owls would have no problem spotting the Twit Twoo collar with their eyesight.


Not 100% sure what breed of owls these could be and they look too 'friendly'  for me to visualise them swooping down and eating some rodent.


Without even running to Google I do know it's Tawny Owls that make the Twit (made by female Tawny Owls) and Twoo (made by the gentlemen Tawny Owls) calls. That's the sum total of my owl knowledge - sorry.  

Materials and sizes available:

Tag collar:


Single loop design house/ tag collar made with tough grosgrain trim securely stitched on to lime green high quality webbing.


Size available: Standard (28cm/11"  to 47cm/18.5")


Twit Twoo House/ tag Collar


Width: 25mm (1 inch)


Price: £7.00